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Nicholas Giuricich
Portraits Series

Photos by Nicholas Giuricich
Holyrad Studios

My second modeling gig! I posed for photographer Nicholas Giuricih, of Holyrad Studios. In his 'Portraits' series he captured contrasting traits in my personality--toughness and elegance. 

Film Festival Red Carpets

The Big Apple Film Festival
The New Hampshire Film Festival

HAUNTED was an Official Selection of: The New Hampshire, The Big Apple, SNOB, and Another Hole in the Head Film Festivals! I was lucky enough to attend two screenings.
Photos are: 1-3) The Big Apple Film Festival, Village East Cinemas, NYC, NY; 4) The New Hampshire Film Festival, 3S ArtSpace Portsmouth, NH.

By Donald Mann
The Chernuchin Theater (NYC)

the Final Days of
Vincent Van Gogh

On July 27th 1890, Vincent van Gogh stumbled, bloody, into the Auberge Ravoux Tavern. After two feverish days, he died in France of his fatal gunshot wound. Was it suicide? was he killed? Inspired by Naifeh and Smith's controversial biography, Final Days non-chronologically unravels the last days and death of history's most erratic and vivid painter.

Heart of Oak Photo Shoot

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company
Photographed by Anais Koivisto
on the Lightship Frying Pan, Pier 66 of the Hudson River

My first model gig! These gorgeous period photos were taken aboard the Lightship Frying Pan, and are promotional images for The NYC Frigid Festival. The play, Heart of Oak, will be an Everyday Inferno Theatre Company original work.

underwater Shoot

written and directed by Katie Ennis
DP-ed by Jonathon Millman
Bad Genie Films
Backlash Productions

We shot the drowning of Rebecca Ward--the ghost of a 19 year old, Victorian, schizophrenic--late at night in Atlantic Aquasport's Dive Pool in Portsmouth, NH. 

Star Island Shoot

written and directed by Katie Ennis
DP-ed by Jonathon Millman
Bad Genie Films
Backlash Productions

In search of some ghostly fun, young couple Alex and Zoe spend the weekend at a famously death-ridden seaside hotel, only to find themselves haunted by questions...and possibly the ghost of Rebecca Ward!

Rachel + Hazel

written by Hannah Roze
filmed in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios

3 am, two twenty something sisters, one hotel room. Prague. What begins as drunken silliness after a night of partying, slips into a serious conversation about family ties.  

On Hold

written by Hannah Roze 
filmed in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios

A girl on the phone is on hold. Forever...well, seemingly. A short film homage to the NY Times 14 Actor's Acting segment, to silent films, and a satirization of my own personal experience on hold.

Film Work and Behind the Scenes at
Stonestreet Studios

*Very chameleonic array characters--flip to see them!* 

Stonestreet Studios (NYC)

Photos are: 1) a screen test, 2-3) Paulinka in A Bright Room Called Day, 4-6) Agent Olivia Dunham in Fringe, 7) Sabira in an untitled student project, 8-9) Molly in Hipster, a student project, 10-11) Nora in Sunshine Cleaning, 12) Jennifer McCabe's Class, 13-14) Pics from the Last Day of Class

The Place We Built


by Sarah Gancher 
directed by Portia Krieger
at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute's 
Marilyn Monroe Theater (NYC)

A vibrant tale of forming and fraying friendships, romances, art, wild parties, politics, experimentation, and idealism, as young bohemians come of age during Hungary's current terrifying slide into dictatorship.

Place We Built Gala and 
Industry Night

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (NYC)

A special gala [with press and industry] was held on the closing night of the show at the NYC Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, in honor of the play's success as the 2nd Annual Clifford Odets Ensemble Play Commission and of the Institute. 

If on a winter's Night...
the Splendid Adventurer's Club

by Nick Izzo
directed by Christine Zagrobelny
produced by Everyday Inferno Theatre Company
at the Producer's Club Royal Theater (NYC)

If on a Winter's Night...is Everyday Inferno Theatre Co.'s one act festival, produced annually in December.
These one acts were united by the theme: adventurous women.

The Splendid Adventurers Club is an outrageous, Monty-Python-esque spoof of swashbuckling Indiana Jones/Errol Flynn-ian fantasies, the Victorian Era, exclusive clubs, and sexism. Five bombastic men (all played by women) waste away in a decaying mansion, reliving their 'glory days' through tall tales, until a young woman breaks in and demands membership...   

The Bitter Tears of
Petra von Kant

by Rainer Werner Fassbinder 
translated by David Calandra 
directed by Louisa Proske
at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute's 
Marilyn Monroe Theater (NYC)

A trance-like tale following the loathing and loving of Petra, an avant-garde fashion designer. She lives and languishes in her apartment [a self-created dreamland] as her friends, enemies, and relations come and go. 

Behind the Scenes
at Strasberg 

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (NYC)

Behind the scenes peek at training, classes, rehearsals and life with the Lee Strasberg Theater and film institute actors [the Strasberg-loves-of-my-life!] 

The Julius Caesar Project

utilizing  the text from Julius Caesar
by William Shakespeare
at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

When reading Caesar in class the insecurities of the dorks, jocks, sluts, wanna-be's, and queen bees at an all girls boarding school, take over. The line between reality and reading vanishes and the Queen Bee is violently dethroned. 

The Alter Ego Auto-drama 

NYU Tisch School of the Arts (NYC)

Meet: Phoenix, my alter ego. At the New Studio we each developed alter-ego characters, and performed dramatized pieces of their autobiographies. The egos were to embody everything we were polar opposite of, feared, or feared but secretly wanted to be. 

Other Characters


Other miscellaneous chameleonic characters. 1-4) Punk, 5-6) 1960s, 7) Film Noir Femme Fatale

Behind the Scenes with the
New Studio Acting Track 

NYU Tisch School of the Arts (NYC)

Behind the scenes photos of classes, and guest workshops at the New Studio on Broadway's Acting Track! [Teachers and guests include Robert O'Hara, Olympia Dukakis, and Orlando Pabotoy.]