The Disenchantment world Premiere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incredible news: The Disenchantment of a Young Adult and a Wild Child will be premiering at LA's Hollyshorts Film Festival: an Academy-Award-qualifying Festival held Grauman's Chinese Theatre. (Also know as the TCL Chinese Theatre, an opulent movie palace just off the Hollywood Walk of Fame, legendary for being where they used to hold Academy Award ceremonies and where Star Wars premiered!) 

So if you are in La La Land, please get in touch! I'd love to see you! 

Cast in The Bloody Deed of 1857

Bloody Deed Fb image.jpg

I booked it! 

I am an official company member of the new, immersive, site-specific play: The Bloody Deed of 1857.  The show is a seance that takes us back to 1857 to solve the actual, historic murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell. 

I will be playing: 
-Augusta Cunningham- pure-hearted daughter of the possible murderess, lesbian in an era in which it was forbidden;
-Dimis Hubbard- socialite party-girl, cousin and incestuous lover to Harvey; 
-Mary Donahoe- Irish maid and drunkard;
-Charlotte Worthington- in 2018, life partner of and historian to our medium, Minnie.

Show runs from late August to November. Stay tuned for the specific start date!

Pass/Fail at The Brick's Trans Theatre Festival

Pass/Fail played the Trans Theatre Festival at The Brick in Williamsburg, to non-stop laughter! I got to live out my best millennial-nostalgic-for-90’s-grunge fashion-life, while positively discussing both women’s and trans’ rights and cracking people up ...and I got say “pussy hat” more times onstage than I ever have in real life. Viva la pussy-hat!!!!!! 

But, in all seriousness it was an honor to have been able to support the voices of the LGBTQ artists tearing up the stage alongside me every night. Every moment in the (literal) spotlight with these talented goofballs was eye-opening and the silliest.

Cast in Pass/Fail

I've been cast! In a new one act Pass/Fail, a dark comedy about a Transgender Man studying Opera-singing at a women’s college, and his struggle to stand up for his identity while pursuing his passion. The play begs the question of the importance of passing vs. belonging. 

I shall be originating the role of Sari: a Freshman constantly being sexiled from her room. This sweet, naive, teen feminist-princess wields a pussy hat, and has both a lot to learn about being a trans ally and a lot teach about being an ally to women of the #MeToo movement. 

Rehearsing Pass/Fail is the perfect way to spend Pride Month in NYC!   

Life and other Disasters Staged Reading

At the request of playwright Julie Richardson, I was hired by The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, the Harold Clurman Playwrights Division, and the First Breath New Play Reading Series to act in the staged reading of her new work Life and Other Disasters. I play Hayley, a millennial blogger and high-schooler wreaking havoc on her newfound biological family.

Life and Other Disasters is about a family that is rocked to its core by revelations, threats to their livelihoods and one destructive force (me!) who just won't take no for an answer.

echoes in silence staged Reading

I acted in fellow Film Fatale, Victoria IV King's, staged reading of her new short film Echoes in Silence. Echoes is a poetic experimental film- the Lemonade of the #MeToo movement! I played Shira-- a gypsy-esque Khaleesi-like woman who resurrects other women in the ocean through dance.The reading launched the short's Crowdfunding Campaign!  

Class at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

I have returned to my artistic haven, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, for a semester. I studied once again under legendary Method teacher Lola Cohen (she literally wrote the book on Strasberg) to revitalize my technique. I also had the pleasure of studying under Mauricio Bustamante when he subbed for two weeks! 

Young Monsters Reading

I acted in fellow Film Fatale Christine Vartoughian's developmental reading of her new feature screenplay Young Monsters. Young Monsters is a fantastical, dark movie about three runaways, abused girls, squatting in an abandoned mental institution.  


I put my stage combat expertise to use, fighting in a GLOW/WWE style wrestling match in the middle of a rock concert!

The band Toot Sweet (whose lead singer Mary Spencer Knapp is of Pierre Natasha and the Great Comet of 1812 fame) threw a Variety Show at Bushwick performance space Secret Project Robot. The festivities included sets by headliners The Moon for You and DJ Wen, the screening of the Bloody Murder music video, and a wrestling rematch between Cristina (Cha) Ramos and myself. There were stunts! There was blood! --Literally!   

A case of Blue Fundraising Reading

I played free-spirit, Amelia, in a private staged reading (for investors) of A Case of Blue-- an indie feature being produced by Scott M. Rosenfelt of Mystic Pizza, Home Alone, and Teen Wolf fame! I was thrilled to be brought on by the film's other producer Suzanne Ordas Curry, who also produced the 2016 Sundance film Equity.  

Seven Violet Marbles

On the anniversary of the Women's March, I reunited with Everyday Inferno Theatre Company, for their annual If on a Winter's Night winter one act festival!...and this year every single play was directed by a WOMAN! I had the privilege of acting in a feminist, dreamscape-set one-act, "Seven Violet Marbles".  

SUMMER's World Premiere at Lincoln Center

I attended Summer's premiere at Lincoln Center's NY Jewish Film Festival.

Summer has also gone on to play SAG-AFTRA’s New York Short Film Showcase (which I also attended), Outfest, the Female Gaze FF, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, and the LGBT Film Festival.

Playwrights Horizons Workshop

Spent my Halloween weekend acting in Alaine Aldaffer and Deb Epstein Jackel's Audition Empowerment Workshop at Playwright's Horizons. Casting Director Alaine Aldaffer invited me to participate in it herself!

untitled Feature Film directed by Shaina Feinberg

Writer-director-actress Shaina Feinberg (whose short Shiva premiered at the Tribeca FF) wrote a part for me into her new untitled feature film! I play the violent manifestation of the protagonist's grief in a 1970's Glitter-clad Girl Gang... which is a figment of the her imagination as she tries to cope with the death of her father. 

Peter and the War Developmental Reading

Had an incredible time participating in a reading of Katie Ennis's new feature screenplay. Peter and the War is about two gay men in the days following Pearl Harbor. A duty-bound young man must decide whether to serve overseas or stay in New York City with his streetwise male lover. I played Peter's spunky, clever, 17 year old sister Phyllis Green who accepts him no matter what.

Toot Sweet's Bloody Murder Music Video

Fought Fight Choreographer Cristina Ramos in GLOW/MMA style, in Toot Sweet's (lead singer Mary Spencer Knapp is of Pierre, Natasha, and the Great Comet of 1812 fame) music video for their new single Bloody Murder! Shot this zany video in the atmospheric Russian Samovar!

The Disenchantment Featured in The Strasberg Alumni News

Check it out! The Strasberg Alumni News featured The Disenchantment:

The Innagural Future Is Female One Act Festival

I acted in the first Future is Female One Act Festival, the proceeds of which are going to send girls from low income families to summer camp. I acted in one drama and one comedy. 

The drama, 'Talk to me about Home', written by Eugenie Carabatsos directed by Anna Lathrop, is exquisitely fragile and about the healing of two estranged best friends, Beth (myself) and Kat (the brilliant, talented Krystel Lucas) navigate through pain and nostalgia to try to get back to each other. To home.

The unpredictable comedy called 'Going Up'- is writte by Julie Richardson and directed by Suzanne Willett. Lucy (myself) is having the mother-of-all-bad-days when she gets trapped in a broken elevator with Janet (Pamela Monroe). Hilarity ensues involving: Valium, a cat, Planned Parenthood, anthrax...and a very hot firefighter!

Abraham's Daughters Staged Reading Gets Reprised!

It was a joy to  participate in a second reading of Abraham's Daughters, a new play by Emma Goldman-Sherman; and to help support this bold tale about prejudice and identity. In Abraham's Daughters, an American Jewish Family discovering their Palestinian Muslim immediate family, during the first Intifada in the summer of 1993. 

I reprised the role of Racie-- Abraham's granddaughter; a rebellious lesbian, a teenage-tomboy from Long Island.

Abraham's DaUghters on Broadway

We Shot The Disenchantment of a young Adult and a Wild Child!

WE FILMED THE FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We filmed with a stellar all-female crew, lead by onset-director Caryn Waechter (whose feature Sisterhood of the Night played the Woodstock and Atlanta Film Festivals in 2014 and is now on Netflix), and DP Valentina Caniglia (whose work on Sundance Film Pomegranates and Myrrh won her a Golden Dagger Award). We shot in the gothic-art-decco-fairytale-esque Wolcott Hotel on an Arri Alexa camera.

Chain REaction by Joy Behar
At The Cherry Lane Theatre

I got to act at The Cherry Lane Theatre! In Joy Behar's (of The View talk-show fame) first play CHAIN REACTION.

It's a side-splitting comedy about the marriage of an Italian-American middle-aged couple, Ginger and Paulie, set in their small New York neighborhood. I play Georgette-- the much talked about, way younger, dumb, floozy homewrecker--who shows up at the 11th hour 'in disguise' to help get Paulie out of jail and back together with Georgette after she put him in there. 

local dive.jpg

the Disenchantment's Interview
With the Local Dive

Check it out! Bicoastal blog, The Local Dive, featured The Disenchantment: 

abraham's Daughters Staged Reading
At the Lady Liberty Festival

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.36.24 PM.png

I am proud to be acting in Emma Goldman-Sherman's masterful, moving, and important play: Abraham's Daughters dircted by Lorca Peress at Urban Stage's Lady Liberty Festival. The theatre festival, spearheaded by Aizzah Fatima, aims to combat Islamophobia. 

Abraham's Daughters, set during the first Intifada in the summer of 1993, is based on the biblical story of Abraham, Sarah, and Haajar; and also on firsthand accounts of Palestinian refugees in Gaza. Abraham Abramowitz, a Jew from Queens, moves to Tel Aviv to bury his wife and live out his final days. When he finds his previously unknown Palestinian Muslim family, and struggles to get his American Jewishdescendants to accept them as kin.  

I play Racie-- Abraham's granddaughter; a mouthy, lesbian, teenage-tomboy from Long Island-- and am so proud to work on this play that boldly takes on issues of identity, feminism, and oppression.


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 10.25.50 AM.jpg

The Disenchantment is launching our Crowdfunding Campaign on Seed&Spark!!! 

We are one step close to bringing this film to life! This is the moment we can share our film's message with you, invite you to contribute funds and offer you cinematic incentives in return! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.20.10 PM.png

luna park reading

I reunited with gifted Musical Writer Hyeyoung Kim-- and met her collaborators lyricist Michael Cooper and book writer Daniel Frederick Levin-- for a developmental reading of her next musical: Luna Park

Luna Park chronicles the rise and fall of the Skip Dundy and Fred Thompson, the true fathers of the amusement park. A full generation before Walt Disney, during the Industrial Revolution, they created an attraction called Luna Park at Coney Island. Interspersed throughout are the memories and personal recollections of those who witnessed the lights come on at Luna Park on opening night.

In the streets of Times Square just outside the theatre. From left to right: myself, Audrey, Jolie, and Lisa.

people like that  

Performed in the Summer One Act Competition at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. I starred opposite talented child actor Jolie Wasserman (Gotham) in People Like That, an intricate coming-out story written by Audrey Lang, directed by Lisa Purrone. People Like That made it all the way to the finals!!!

I played Maeve-- 17 years old, misunderstood but malevolent--who, on the playground during recess, takes out her fear of coming-out and anger at their stepmother on her kid sister Darcy.

War & Peace with the women of WOF

Acted with Eileen Sugameli for the first time in two years in a scene adapted from Tolstoy's War and Peace-- I played Natasha Rostov-- and it was magical and sweet! Also magical? Working for the first time with film goddesses Nora Unkel and Devin Shepherd of Wild Obscura Films, and DP extraordinaire Joel Kingsbury! And just when I thought the energy on set could not have been more sweet, focused, and generous actor friends Omri Kadim and Allison Frasca came to our rescue to lend extra hands! Pinch me! So many people I love and admire running around a beautiful conservatory garden, filming! Must be a dream...

A month of class with Susanne Scheel 

I took a month of screen-acting classes with Casting Associate Susanne Scheel, at Actors Connection. Ms. Scheel is known for her work casting Films: Hail! CaesarMad Max: Fury RoadThe Normal Heart, Moneyball, Something Borrowed, The Descendants, and the TV Show: Parenthood (NBC). It was, hands down, one of the best classes I've ever taken! 

BTS: prep for the scene in which Bayla tries to sneak back into the bunk without waking Rivka (me), who is feeling the aftermath of too much Maischewitz!

Shot Summer!

We did it!

I spent four wonderful days on location in the Catskills, with Pearl Gluck and a cast of ten teen girls. We played with kittens, swam, colored with pastels, chanted Hebrew, drank Manischewitz, and danced under the moonlight in bubble-wrap dresses; all of which qualified as 'working'! This bittersweet tale about coming-of-age in the face of religion, should have been named 'Jew is the Warmest Color'! 

Summer Poster.jpg

cast in: summer

I BOOKED IT! My first audition freelancing with John Shea of Frontier Booking International Talent Agency! 

Summer will be a short film about two teenage girls in a Hasidic sleep-a-way camp who, despite their every effort to maintain their purity, explore a forbidden book which leads to their sexual awakening. 

I will be playing Rivka, the 17 year old, art counselor. She's as much of a hippie as a Hasidic girl can be; and so obsessed with art (specifically Salvador Dali!) and marriage that she keeps loosing her campers.  

write now workshop's new works night

I performed in the Write Now Workshop's culminating New Works Presentation, in The Clerambault Painting by Kendra Augustin. A deaf Palestinian girl, Bahr, finds respite by imagining that she lives in Bissan Rafe's painting. (Piece directed by Simi Toledano). 


the disenchantment social media launch

In preparation for our upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign, we launched our social media presence! Please follow and share:

Instagram: @disenchantmovie
Twitter: @disenchantmovie

A Month of Class with Kim Graham

I took a month of classes with Casting Director Kimberly Graham, at the offices of JUDY HENDERSON AND ASSOCIATES. Ms. Graham is known for her work casting Homeland (Showtime).

HANNAH ROZE-Snapshot.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.28.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.00.02 PM.png

Days of Rage,
Second reading

It was a joy to  participate in another developmental reading of Days of Rage, a new musical written by Shoshana Greenberg and Hyeyoung Kim; and to help support this audacious and historic-yet-never-more-relevant play written by two female Musical Theatre Writers. Days of Rage is about the Weather Underground and the Black Panther movements in 1970s Chicago. 

This time I played the role of Nina-- a Weatherman, hippie, and youngest of the group to whom protests just seem so romantic

the disenchantment of a young adult and a wild child photo shoot

For the first time ever, The Disenchantment came to life
...we did a Concept Photo Shoot with phenomenal photographer Alex Schaefer in the gorgeous Wolcott Hotel!

For the first time ever, you can see Rachel and Hazel, and our vision for The Disenchantment: a tale of the dark side of sisterhood, and growing up... or not. When rebellious Hazel runs away from a terminally-ill mother into Prague’s fairytale-esque nightlife, responsible Rachel finds her. But the euphoria of their rekindled sisterhood shatters as the two talk...

We will use these striking images to create our look book, business packet, social media presence, and crowdfunding campaign!  

29th Street Logo.png

the 29th street playwrights collective

I acted in weekly cold reads with The 29th Street Playwright's Collective as a part of their Write Now Workshop.

Every week all Spring, The Collective's resident playwrights would gather in the morning and write, and then we actors would arrive in the afternoon to bring their words to life on the spot and participate in feedback conversations. It was a phenomenal way to get to know playwrights developing new work! 

class with adrienne stern


I took class with Casting Director Adrienne Stern at Actors Connection.
Ms. Stern's credits include the Independent Films: Broken English (Sundance- directed by Zoe Cassavetes, starring Parker Posey), The Believer (starring Ryan Gosling), Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (starring Matthew McConaughey) and the TV Show: That 70's Show.

Scripts & Giggles monthly Readings

class with Elizabeth berra at one on one

I took Casting Associate Elizabeth Berra's TV Acting Class at One on One. Ms. Berra works for Mark Hirschfeld casting, and has worked on projects such as: Black Sails (Starz), The Deuce (HBO), and The Dovekeepers (CBS). 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 3.07.20 PM.png


My first ever screenplay, The Disenchantment of a Young Adult and a Wild Child, made it through Quarter, and Semifinals, to become a FINALIST in the AURA SCREENWRITER AWARDS! 

I have written the short as a vehicle for myself to star in. I will play Hazel, a stubborn yet wide-eyed free-spirit, a photographer with a Peter Pan Complex in studded combat boots; opposite Shannon Spangler's Rachel (her big sister), a responsible, posh, trendy, law-student. There will be more Disenchantment updates coming soon...

I've joined the Film Fatales

I am proud to announce that  I am now the Membership Coordinator of the global organization, FILM FATALES; and have been awarded honorary membership!! 

What are the Fatales?: an international collective of female-identifying directors with films in festivals all around the country (Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, etc...) which includes Leah Meyerhoff (I Believe in Unicorns), Jan Eliasberg (The Magicians, BlueBloods), and many others.

So, how did an actress become an honorary Fatale?: I have written a short screenplay, THE DISENCHANTMENT OF A YOUNG ADULT AND A WILD CHILD, that I will be starring in (as Hazel, the title's 'Wild Child') and also co-directing. I reached out to the Fatales founder Leah Meyerhoff for help, ended up volunteering at their Holiday Party (bottom left photo), and the rest is history!

photo shoot with Nicholas Giuricich photography

A picture's worth a thousand here are four!

haunteD's film festival RUN!

I attended Haunted's East Coast Premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival.
It went on to play the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, and win Best Short Drama at the SNOB Film Festival.

haunted at the new Hampshire Film Festival!

I attended Haunted's World Premiere at the New Hampshire Film Festival!!!!!

World's smallest step and repeat!

From left to right: key grip Ian Buchanan, director Katie Ennis, and myself after the Filmmakers' Brunch

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.00.02 PM.png

Days of Rage Reading

I read the role of hippie and radical activist, Sandra, in the Days of Rage reading.

Days of Rage is a new musical about the Weather Underground and the Black Panther movements, which took place in Chicago in the early 1970s. The musical mixes fictional and historic characters to explore the backlash of America's Youth to the Vietnam War. While historic, it's treatment of African American-Cop relations feels awfully contemporary... 

Tamar The Two-Gated City.jpg

Tamar the two-gated city

I read the lead role of Young Tamar in a workshop of playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman's Tamar: The Two-Gated City. The gorgeously-written drama is about two rape culture Bible stories, re-imagined from a female perspective.

The reading was run by the 29th Street Playwright's Collective.

Think of Young Tamar as a Biblical, Jewish Princess Jasmine but more naive. She’s named for the sweetness of desert figs but also for her royal aunt whose dark past she’s about to discover, and whose ghost hovers.

Videology Logo.jpg

Videology Hosts Haunted's
Cast & Crew Screening

Haunted has been completed! And Williamsburg's Videology Bar & Cinema hosted our Cast & Crew Screening! It was a joy to reunite with the whole Scooby Gang.   


I am insanely proud to announce that the script for the indie film I have written, working title: The Disenchantment of a Young Adult and a Wild Child, has been registered with The Writer's Guild of America East, and has filed for copyrights through the US Government! 


Less than one year out of school, I have made my New York City, Off-Broadway Debut as Marie Marville in The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh!!! I am so proud to have played the sweet, effervescent, wildly insecure, very sexy, Parisian can-can dancer turned painter's muse, lusting after fame while posing for Van Gogh. 

Behind the Scenes: the dressing room of the ATA Chernuchin Theatre. (Click to enlarge.)

Marie becomes Van Gogh's muse, confessing her dreams & begging him to paint her.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Cast in: 
the final days of Vincent van gogh

I have been cast in a new play, The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh. In light of new forensic evidence and a reevaluation of historical documents, the play challenges the presumption that Van Gogh's death was a suicide (a controversy in the art history community since Naifeh and Smith published their biography on the painter in 2011.) 

I shall originate the role of Marie Marville: a young chanteuse and dancer at the Moulin Rouge in 1890. She runs with the 'cool' crowd whom torment Van Gogh, before she has a change of heart, befriends him, and becomes his new muse.  

Place We Built Wins the 2015
Jewish PLaywriting COntest!

The Place We Built WON a spot in the top ten Jewish Plays of 2015, a contest run by the Jewish Plays Project. Submissions to the contest came from all around the globe, from 9 different countries! 

One of the lead roles, Aniko, was written for me and it was sheer joy to play her last winter. I am so proud of our fantastic playwright Sarah Gancher! 

The announcement of the winners can be seen here:

I'm Featured in
the Actor's Spotlight!

I was chosen and interviewed as the feature actor in Everyday Inferno Theatre Company's Actor Spotlight! Read the interview here:

Modeling for Everyday Inferno
Theatre Company's Heart of Oak

My first modeling gig!

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company founders, Katherine Sommer and Anais Koivisto, hand-picked me to model as a female pirate in the promotional images for their upcoming period piece: Heart of Oak. The play, an original work of historic fiction, will be based on the life of Alvida; it will premiere in NYC's Frigid Festival. The photoshoot took place aboard the boat Lightship Frying Pan, in Pier 66 Maritime of the Hudson River. 

Cast in: If on a Winter's Night

I was cast in Everyday Inferno Theatre Company's If on a Winter's Night, a winter one act festival! The theme was adventurous women.

In a farce entitled The Splendid Adventurer's Club by Nick Izzo, I played Marcel (a french swordsman and loyal guard to the club,) and Homunculus (a pet alchemically created by the Philosopher's Stone.) TSAC was directed by Christine Zagrobelny. 

I also co-choreographed the sword fight and acted as Fight Captain during the production's run. 

If on a Winter Night's
Web Presence

Check out my bio, and the bios of my spectacularly talented cast mates and crew members on the Everyday Inferno Theatre Company website: 

Shot Haunted

I drowned!

We shot the ghostly death of Rebecca Ward for two hours in Atlantic Aquasport's freezing dive pool, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life! It was everything Ophelia and everything Titanic an actress could dream of, but with a Victorian twist! 

I also PA-ed for the rest of the shoot on a boat and in the actually haunted Oceanic Hotel, situated on the Isle of the Shoals.  

Haunted in the Boston Globe!

Check it out, the Boston Globe wrote an article on Haunted:

Cast as Rebecca Ward
in Haunted!

I have been cast in a Cabin in the Woods-esque short film titled Haunted. Haunted is:

  • a Fractured Atlas project

  • directed and written by Katie Ennis [assistant editor on USA's Royal Pains, FX's The Americans, CBS's Crossbones, and Colombia Pictures's Men in
    Black 3

  • DP-ed by Jonathan Millman, Emmy Award and four time Telly Award winner.

In it I will play furious ghost: Rebecca Ward. Rebecca is the schizophrenic, pyromaniacal spirit of a 19 year old from the 1830s. Mistaking her mental illness for possession, her aunt and uncle (proprietors of the seaside hotel she now haunts) tied her to a stake on the beach and let the tide drown her.  

We will shoot the death of Rebecca Ward in a dive pool in Portsmouth, NH with VFX equipment...entirely UNDERWATER!!

     Haunted's web presence:

         Creative District
         Vimeo Promo 

Bridge 2014 Schedule July 15th-August 2nd (dragged).jpg

One on One's Bridge Program

I was chosen to participate in The Bridge Program, a three week Industry Intensive! (Only 16 of One on One's members were selected.)  

Of the 16 participants, I was selected to be the key student!

Through the program, I met and worked with 27 of NYC's leading Casting Directors, Film Directors, Agents, and Managers working in commercials, independent features, with television channels like HBO and NBC, and with theaters like The Public and Playwrights Horizons.

Showcase and Internship at
Stonestreet Studios

I participated in Monday and Wednesday night Agent/Manager showcases.

I interned, assisting casting director Andy Roth with his voice over masterclasses.

I edited Behind the Scenes at Stonestreet, which is the Studio's version of Inside the Actor's Studio.

One on One logo

Accepted into One on One

I have auditioned for an been accepted into One on One, an actor's networking studio.

Graduated NYU!

I graduated NYU with honors, winning a Founder's Award. I graduated with a BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts and a Minor in Art History from CAS.

Rachel + Hazel

I wrote and starred in Rachel + Hazel. It was shot in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios.  

I played Hazel: a free-spirited, goofy twenty-something seeing the world through awe-stuck eyes and her camera lens, but plagued by a Peter-Pan Complex and familial wounds.  

Girl on Hold

I conceived of and starred in the project Girl on Hold. It was shot in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios and with the help of cinematographer Gabriel Frye-Behar.

Stonestreet Logo

One Semester at
Stonestreet Studios

I transferred to Stonestreet Studios, and spent my final semester studying film acting.

I participated in their Monday Night Industry Showcase Series. 

My cool teachers included: Ted Sluberski, Jennifer McCabe, Andy Roth, Chris Modoono, Vance Barber, Michal Zecher, Gabriel Frye-Behar, and Zach Galligan.


I'm in Backstage Magazine!

I am one of the poster children for Strasberg! A photo of me and some of my cast mates in The Place We Built, advertised the Institute's training programs in Backstage Magazine.  

The Place We Built

The role of Aniko Nemeth was written for me by playwright Sarah Gancher [The TEAM, Resident of the Ars Nova Playgroup.] I originated the character under the direction of Portia Krieger [Eager to Lose, Tigers be Still,]. The play was the second Annual Clifford Odets Playwriting Commission.

Think of Aniko as part Jewish Hermione Granger, part Bohemian, part Guerrilla Girl Protestor.


An Article on!

Check it out, wrote an article on The Place We Built: 

playbill logo

We're on!

Check it out, The Place We Built was featured on

Master Class with
Vincent D'Onofrio

I completed a month long masterclass in screen acting with Vincent D'Onofrio, and acting will never be the same for me!

Strasberg Logo

Accepted into Practicum!

I auditioned for and was accepted into Strasberg's Practicum. I spent a third semester there training, taking masterclasses [with Laura Savia, Josh Hecht, Sarna Lapine, and Marci Phillips,] and working on the Second Annual Clifford Odets Playwrighting Commission show, titled The Place We Built.

The Bitter Tears of
Petra von Kant

I played the Baroness Sidonie von Grasenabb in The Bitter Tears, an avant-garde drama, put up at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, directed by Louisa Proske [MFA Yale Drama.] 

Think of Sidonie as a Bravo reality television Real Housewife, meets the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland, with a flair for couture and appetite for spite. 

Two Semesters at the Lee Strasberg
Theater and Film Institute

I transferred to the Strasberg Studio to study Method Acting for my Junior year, and found my artistic haven!

My inspiring teachers included: Lola Cohen, Geoffrey Horne, Irma Sandry, Tim Crouse, Jon VanWyden and J. Allen Suddeth.

The Institute