I am insanely proud to announce that the script for the indie film I have written, working title: The Disenchantment of a Young Adult and a Wild Child, has been registered with The Writer's Guild of America East, and has filed for copyrights through the US Government! 


Less than one year out of school, I have made my New York City, Off-Broadway Debut as Marie Marville in The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh!!! I am so proud to have played the sweet, effervescent, wildly insecure, very sexy, Parisian can-can dancer, lusting after fame while posing for Van Gogh, with whom she shares a special artist-muse connection

Behind the Scenes: the dressing room of the ATA Chernuchin Theatre. (Click to enlarge.)

Marie becomes Van Gogh's muse, confessing her dreams & begging him to paint her.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Cast in the final days of Vincent van gogh

I have been cast in a new play, The Final Days of Vincent Van Gogh. In light of new forensic evidence and a reevaluation of historical documents, the play challenges the presumption that Van Gogh's death was a suicide (a controversy in the art history community since Naifeh and Smith published their biography on the painter in 2011.) 

I shall originate the role of Marie: a young chanteuse and dancer at the Moulin Rouge in 1890. She runs with the 'cool' crowd whom torment Van Gogh, before she has a change of heart, befriends him, and becomes his new muse.  

Place We Built Wins the 2015
Jewish PLaywriting COntest!

The Place We Built WON a spot in the top ten Jewish Plays of 2015, a contest run by the Jewish Plays Project. Submissions to the contest came from all around the globe, from 9 different countries! 

One of the lead roles, Aniko, was written for me and it was sheer joy to play her last winter. I am so proud of our fantastic playwright Sarah Gancher! 

The announcement of the winners can be seen here:

I'm Featured in the Actor's Spotlight!

I was chosen and interviewed as the feature actor in Everyday Inferno Theatre Company's Actor Spotlight! Read the interview here:

Modeling for Everyday Inferno
Theatre Company's Heart of Oak 

My first modeling gig!

Everyday Inferno Theatre Company founders, Katherine Sommer and Anais Koivisto, hand-picked me to model as a female pirate in the promotional images for their upcoming period piece: Heart of Oak. The play, an original work of historic fiction, will be based on the life of Alvida; it will premiere in NYC's Frigid Festival. The photoshoot took place aboard the boat Lightship Frying Pan, in Pier 66 Maritime of the Hudson River. 

Cast in If on a Winter's Night 

I was cast in Everyday Inferno Theatre Company's If on a Winter's Night, a winter one act festival! The theme was adventurous women.

In a farce entitled The Splendid Adventurer's Club by Nick Izzo, I played Marcel (a french swordsman and loyal guard to the club,) and Homunculus (a pet alchemically created by the Philosopher's Stone.) TSAC was directed by Christine Zagrobelny. 

I also co-choreographed the sword fight and acted as Fight Captain during the production's run. 

If on a Winter Night's Web Presence

Check out my bio, and the bios of my spectacularly talented cast mates and crew members on the Everyday Inferno Theatre Company website: 

Shot Haunted

I drowned!

We shot the ghostly death of Rebecca Ward for two hours in Atlantic Aquasport's freezing dive pool, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life! It was everything Ophelia and everything Titanic an actress could dream of, but with a Victorian twist! 

I also PA-ed for the rest of the shoot on a boat and in the actually haunted Oceanic Hotel, situated on the Isle of the Shoals.  

Haunted in the Boston Globe!

Check it out, the Boston Globe wrote an article on Haunted:

Cast as Rebecca Ward
in Haunted!

I have been cast in a Cabin in the Woods-esque short indie film titled Haunted. Haunted is:

  • a Fractured Atlas project
  • directed and written by Katie Ennis [assistant editor on USA's Royal Pains, FX's The Americans, CBS's Crossbones, and Colombia Pictures's Men in
    Black 3.]
  • DP-ed by Jonathan Millman, Emmy Award and four time Telly Award winner. 

In it I will play the furious ghost: Rebecca Ward. Rebecca is the schizophrenic, pyromaniacal spirit of a 19 year old from the 1830s. Mistaking her mental illness for possession, her aunt and uncle (proprietors of the seaside hotel she now haunts) tied her to a stake on the beach and let the tide drown her.  

We will shoot the death of Rebecca Ward in a dive pool in Portsmouth, NH with VFX equipment...entirely UNDERWATER!!

Haunted's web presence:

Creative District:
Vimeo Promo: 

Bridge 2014 Schedule July 15th-August 2nd (dragged).jpg

One on One's Bridge Program

I was chosen to participate in The Bridge Program, a three week Industry Intensive! (Only 16 of One on One's members were selected.)  

Of the 16 participants, I was selected to be the key student!

Through the program, I met and worked with 27 of NYC's leading Casting Directors, Film Directors, Agents, and Managers working in commercials, independent features, with television channels like HBO and NBC, and with theaters like The Public and Playwrights Horizons.

Showcase and Internship at
Stonestreet Studios

I participated in Monday and Wednesday night showcases.

I interned, assisting the fantastic casting director Andy Roth with his voice over masterclasses.

I edited Behind the Scenes at Stonestreet, which is the Studio's version of Inside the Actor's Studio. The videos are linked to their website.

One on One logo

Accepted into One on One

I have auditioned for an been accepted into One on One, an actor's networking studio.

Graduated NYU!

I graduated NYU with honors, winning a Founder's Award. I graduated with a BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts and a Minor in Art History from CAS.

Rachel + Hazel

I wrote and starred in Rachel + Hazel. It was shot in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios.  

I played Hazel: a free-spirited, goofy twenty-something seeing the world through awe-stuck eyes and her camera lens, but plagued by a Peter-Pan Complex and familial wounds.  

Girl on Hold

I conceived of and starred in the project Girl on Hold. It was shot in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios and with the help of cinematographer Gabriel Frye-Behar.

Stonestreet Logo

One Semester at 
Stonestreet Studios

I transferred to Stonestreet Studios, and spent my final semester studying film acting.

I participated in their Monday Night Industry Showcase Series. 

My cool teachers included: Ted Sluberski, Jennifer McCabe, Andy Roth, Chris Modoono, Vance Barber, Michal Zecher, Gabriel Frye-Behar, and Zach Galligan.

I'm in Backstage Magazine!

I am one of the poster children for Strasberg! A photo of me and some of my cast mates in The Place We Built, advertised the Institute's training programs in
Backstage Magazine.  

The Place We Built

The role of Aniko Nemeth was written for me by playwright Sarah Gancher [The TEAM, Resident of the Ars Nova Playgroup.] I originated the character under the direction of Portia Krieger [Eager to Lose, Tigers be Still,]. The play was the second Annual Clifford Odets Playwriting Commission.

Think of Aniko as a Jewish Hermione Granger meets a Bohemian meets a Guerrilla Girl Protestor.


An Article on!

Check it out, wrote an article on The Place We Built: 

playbill logo

We're on!

Check it out, The Place We Built was featured on 

Master Class with 
Vincent D'Onofrio

I completed a month long masterclass in screen acting with Vincent D'Onofrio, and acting will never be the same for me again!

Strasberg Logo

Accepted into Practicum!

I auditioned for and was accepted into Strasberg's Practicum. I spent a third semester there training, taking masterclasses [with Laura Savia, Josh Hecht, Sarna Lapine, and Marci Phillips, ] and working on the Second Annual Clifford Odets Playwrighting Commission show, titled The Place We Built.

The Bitter Tears of 
Petra von Kant

I played the Baroness Sidonie von Grasenabb in The Bitter Tears, an avant-garde drama, put up at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, directed by Louisa Proske [MFA Yale Drama.] 

Think of Sidonie as a Bravo reality television Real Housewife, meets the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland, with a flair for dark couture and appetite for spite. 

Two Semesters at the Lee Strasberg
Theater and Film Institute

I transferred over to the Strasberg Studio to study Method Acting for my Junior year, and found an artistic haven!

My inspiring teachers included: Lola Cohen, Geoffrey Horne, Irma Sandry, Tim Crouse, Jon VanWyden and J. Allen Suddeth.

The Institute