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Dual Citizenship (USA and UK  Passports)

Height: 5'2"

Weight 108lb.

        Hair: Dark Reddish-Brown         

Eyes: Green


The Disenchantment of a Young Adult and a Wild Child (short)

War & Peace (short)

Summer (short)

Haunted (short)


Hazel (lead)

Natasha (lead)


Rebecca Ward


Wild Obscura Films/
Caryn Waechter

Wild Obscura Films/ Nora Unkel

Palinka Pictures/ Pearl Gluck

Bad Genie Films/Backlash
Productions/ Katie Ennis


Chain Reaction (reading)

Abraham's Daughters (reading)

People Like That

The Final Days of
Vincent Van Gogh 

The Place We Built

If on a Winter's Night...
(Splendid Adventurer's Club)

The Bitter Tears of
Petra von Kant

The Julius Caesar Project

Anything You Can Do




Maeve (lead)

Marie (lead)

Aniko (lead)




Natalie (lead)


The Cherry Lane Theater/ Joy Behar

Urban Stages Lady Liberty Festival/
Lorca Peress

Manhattan Repertory Theatre/ Lisa Purrone

ATA Chernuchin Theater

Clifford Odets Play Commission/
Portia Krieger

Everyday Inferno Theatre Co./
Christine Zagrobelny

Louisa Proske

New Studio
on Broadway

MainStage Reading-
NYU Tisch


NYU Tisch Drama BFA:

New Studio on Broadway

Lee Strasberg Theater
and Film Institute



Stonestreet Studios
(Film Studio)


Summer Theater Institute of NYC

Private Singing Lessons

Stage Combat Training



Michele Shay, Orlando Patoboy,
Robert O'Hara

Geoffrey Horne,Vincent D'Onofrio,
Irma Sandry, Laura Savia
Tim Crouse, Lola Cohen

Josh Hecht, Marci Phillips

Jennifer McCabe, Ted Sluberski
Zach Galligan, Vance Barber,
Gabriel Frye-Behar, Andy Roth,
Chris Modoono

Allyn Sitjar

Anastasia Ellana Swope

J. Allen Suddeth, J. David Brimmer


NJ Driver's License (Automatic)

Stage Combat: Smallsword, Knife, Quarterstaff, Sword & Shield, Broadsword, Rapier Dagger, Single Sword, Unarmed

Accents and Dialects: British (RP.) Cockney, Irish, French

Singing (alto/mezzo-soprano)

Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing, Photography

Sports: Softball Pitcher (7 pitches,) Competitive Swimmer (9 years on the NJ Wave)

Learning to Read Salvador Dali's Tarot Cards

Awesome Impression of Merida from Pixar's Brave